It is true that conventional crops do not have a satisfactory yield. We should choose carefully what to cultivate in order to have the highest possible return.

Where to grow Aloe?

Aloe is grown in lowland areas. Suitable areas are the ones close to the sea. It should not be cultivated in low winter temperatures.  Severy show or ice may damage the aloe vera cultivation.

Why Grow Aloe Vera?

There are several alternative crops to choose from. Global demand for aloe constantly growing in the late years and has become multi million industry. Thousands of products worldwide contain aloe vera.

How do I cultivate Aloe?

The Aloe Vera cultivation is relatively easy. The aloe vera plant is not susceptible to diseases.

The first thing we need to do is to mill the land, and then install the drip irrigation system before planting the aloe plants.

How do we water the aloe vera plantation?

After we decide on the layout of the plants, we lay the water pipes on the field. Watering hoses are usually F20-wide and have built-in drippers. We use Drip Irrigation system.

How are the plants transfered?

Once you have made your order, we remove the plants from our fields, place them in plastic boxes and pack them in pallets. Plants are bare-root and are NOT TRANFERED WITH POTS. Plants can travel even for many many days with no problem at all. Aloe plants are accompanied with all invoice and proper documentation and cerfiicates.

What is the planting layout?

We recommend planting 1,000 plants per 1.000 square meters.

Here’s a suggested planting layout. Wide corridors are importan in order ot be able to carry out the necessary work.

The following planting layout is indicative and not restrictive.