Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves

It is true that there are hundreds of processed aloe vera pruducts out there…

But to have in your hands the product, in its most natural and pure form, free from preservatives, processing or chemicals, is
just perfect!


Natural Preservation of aloe vera leaves

Aloe vera leaves can be preserved both inside and outside of the refridgerator. From the aloe vera leave cut only as much as you are going to use and keep the rest of the leaf uncut and unpeeled. Only in this way can we preserve the leaves, in their natural form, for over 30 days. If we peel the aloe leaf and remove the inner gel, then we will not be able to preserve it any more than 3 or 4 days.

Advice: Always wash the leaves with cool water before use.

We export biological aloe vera leaves to Europe

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