Annual Crop Yield and Profitability

Learn through eight short questions the basics of yield and costs of  the Aloe Vera cultivation.


How many aloe plants can be cultivated per 1.000 square meters?

We plant up to 1.000 aloe vera plants per 1.000 square meters.

What is the weight per 1 aloe vera leaf?

1 mature aloe vera leaf weighs from 0.7 to 1.3 kilograms.

What is the bulk - wholesale price for aloe vera leaves?

An aloe vera farmer can sell his/her aloe vera leaves harvest for 0.7 € – 1,5€ per kilo. The price variation depend on market conditions and product quality.

Appart from the sale of the aloe vera leaves, what else?

Appart from the aloe vera leaves harvest, an aloe plantation produces thousands of new baby-plants.

How many leaves can we harvest from 1 aloe vera plant?

From a mature aloe vera plant, we can harvest 6-12 aloe vera leaves per year.

What is the aloe vera leaves yearly production per 1.000 square meters of plantation?

The annual yield per 1.000 square meters of plantation is between 3.000€-6.000€.

What is the profit from 1.000 square meters of professional aloe vera plantation?

An aloe vera plantation of 1.000 square meters can yield from 3.000€  to 6.000€ per year.

What can we do with the new baby-plants?

With the new aloe baby-plants (offsprings) we can expand our existing plantation by replanting them or we can resell them.

In both ways we earn from the new aloe baby-plants.

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Product mix

Sale of Aloe Vera Leaves: 75%
Sale of Aloe Vera Plants: 88%
Sale of Aloe Vera Gel: 40%
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Our Aloe Vera Nursery is officially certified by the Greek Insititute of Contol and Inspection of Nurseries and Fertilizers (KEPPIEL).

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Our cultivations and products have been biological certified by “DIO”.

Certificates of Authenticity of Aloe Variety

We offer our customers official certificates of authenticity for the specific variety-species of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller (the one with the yellow flower).

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We offer after sale help and guidance by providing advice for the cultivation and sale of the harvest.

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